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Inspiring students to create their unique future and make the world a better place.



Together, we cultivate a culture of optimism, excellence, and empowerment for everyone by developing the mindset and skills to become highly moral and socially awate citizens.



Cultivating good and smart citizens.



1. We value INTEGRITY: Acting with a genuine desire for transparency, honesty and respect.
2. We value INGENUITY: Empowering our community to embrace risks and to see challenges as opportunities to grow.
3. We value INGENUITY: String to build a creative culture of resilience, resourcefulness and thoughtful expression.
4.We value COMPASSION: Fostering a caring community that embrace and celebrates all cultures, beliefs and perspectives.



1. We consider our valuable students to be assets to our school.

2. We understand that all children have different abilities, skills and interests, which is developed and nurtured, will enable them to become mature, self-sufficient and productive members of any community. 

3. Understanding that culture plays a role in individual approaches to understanding of concept and applications of knowledge and that all individuals have valuable knowledge and skills based on their in individual experiences and culture. 

4. Showing respect for diversity in ideas, perspective, learning styles, approaches to problem-solving and cultures of individual community members. 

5. Engaging in collaborations with community members thought social and professional learning platforms in the field of global education that broaden contribute to an increasing global approach to learning in both content and pedagogy. 

6. Cultivating a personal awareness of our own cultural identity and its influence on personal dispositions and actions. 

7. Modelling social responsibility and cultural sensitivity in local and global contexts. 

8. Cultivating a collaborative environment that promotes openness to diverse ideas and perspectives. 

9. Engaging with global education concepts and issues that promoted inquiry, critical thinking, perspective taking, and problem-solving skills. 

10. Living international-mindedness as a present reality and not deferring it into the future or a future aspiration.